Top 10 Best Fishing Bite Alarm Reviews

Bite alarms are clever electronic gadgets that alert the angler whenever a fish is hooked on their fishing line. In order to work well, the fishing line should be hooked to a fishing roller which alerts the fisherman when the line moves.

They are essential because they allow the angler to see and hear when they have managed to get a bite on their lines. Of course, it is worth remembering that isn’t easy for any angler to use different lines in the water at the same time.

Due to this, some alarms contain tone and volume controls which are easy to adjust. This enables the angler to identify the specific line which has a bite so that they can respond quickly.

As an angler, bite alarms are necessary to have if you want to stay in complete comtrol. In addition, they will make your fishing trips more easy and fun.

Bearing that in mind, you may be you wondering where you can get a good bite alarm. This article will guide you on some of the best bite alarms you can buy today. You will just need to compare the features in order to be able to choose the best.

Types of Bite Alarms

  1. Buzzer- This one is straightforward to set and can be used by anglers of all experience levels with ease. It turns off automatically once you start reeling in a fish. This alarm will stop beeping when the fish stops nibbling. For it to work effectively, the pole must be hooked to a fishing pole holder. The buzzer clamps on the pole and the alarm sensors detect line movement. It is portable and attaches to the end of the pole. Anglers can carry on with their fishing even when the device is connected to the rod.
  2. Holder/ rest- This one has a grip that prevents the fishing rod from moving in the water when a fish is hooked on the line. Most of these gadgets consist of handheld devices which can be used in rainy days. You can quickly place the alarm in your pockets for better response. This device also has lights for those with hearing problems. The best thing about this device is that it is lightweight and waterproof.


How to set up a bite alarm

When setting your bite alarm, you should ensure that your line has sunk to the bottom of the pond or lake. This is where you will stand the best chance of getting hold of a fish.

For you to place your line at the bottom, you will require a sinker. Sinkers frequently vary regarding weight and size.

You can use a split shot which is a round ball which contains a slit on one side. Some anglers may prefer to bite on the shots so that they can stay on the line.

You should ensure that there is enough space so that your bait can rise up the ground. You can hook a pair of pliers at the end for you to take the split shot off. It is good to use a smaller sinker because carp may drop the bait if they become suspicious. You can also use a dough ball to lure carp fish.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bite Alarms

  1. Quality – the alarm should be something that enhances your fishing trips and makes you feel good about using it.
  2. Sound- it should be loud enough to hear clearly
  3. Durable – the materials used to make them should be long lasting. They should also be robust enough to be utilized in all weathers.
  4. Sensitivity – Bite alarms should be very sensitive and should be able to detect any sort of movement. They should also have a feature to prevent false alerts.
  5. LED lights- A good bite alarm should have bright LED signals which will be able to alert you even at night.

Best Bite Alarms Reviews

1. 2 x Michigan Carp And Pike LED Fishing Bite Alarm Waterproof Nightlight Dropback

This one is rankeg the most popular fishing equipment and accessories. It has 4 different level settings for sensitivity. You can also set the volume, quantity and time according to your needs. The alarm can be used for various tasks such as a mild evening sensor and a jack plug for swingers. The best thing with this alarm is that it is waterproof which means that it can even a rainy day won’t ruin your fun. It has a compact layout which means it does not require a lot of space. The alarm uses a 1X LRVO8 battery. Michigan Carp and Pike LED is CE licensed which means it is a top quality product.


  • It is waterproof
  • Advanced settings
  • Compact layout
  • Affordable


This alarm contains 4 screws in snag bars which allow other codecs of use. It has a variable tone variable extent and vehicle evening Mild jack plug which can be used with illuminated alarms. It is waterproof and uses an LRV08 battery.


  • It comes with accessories
  • Waterproof
  • Quality product


  • Not ideal for rainy seasons


  1. Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set With 2 x Alarms 2x Hangers Indicator and 2x Batteries Included

This alarm has two hangers and two Bite alarms. It also contains volume controls and 20 sec latching LED which you enable to know the rod that produced a sound. Each system has an indicator head, an indicator chain, and a stainless hockey stick bracket.


  • Can be used on rainy days
  • Volume controls
  • LED signals


  • Some reviewers suggest that it might not be especially durable
  1. Nash Siren S5 Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

This one has a bulletproof quality like other brands of siren alarms. Nash Sire S5 is made of top quality stainless steel material. It is compact and uses an advanced technique of communication. This mode is reliable and can work in all weathers. It uses a 23AE battery and is easy to get started with. You can also adjust the tone using the broad band volume control

Key Features

  • High output volume
  • In line guard
  • Extended battery life
  • Very sensitive bite indication and a piezo speaker


  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to control the volume


  • Not particularly loud
  • The light stays on for just 4 seconds


  1. Matt Hayes Adventure Bite Alarm Kit – Black

This is a high-quality alarm for big fish. It has a multifunctional waterproof alarm which contains eight settings for sensitivity. It also features two blue LED lights, swing lock bite indicator and an easy to adjust butt rest. The target species are bream, barbell, carp, and tench. It is advisable to leave your line loose to allow it rest on the lake bed. This method prevents carp bumping into the line when feeding. It is effortless to use and very accurate. You can use it in all weathers.


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Works well in any weather
  • Advanced settings
  • Easy to use


  • Battery not easy to fit


  1. New Direction Tackle Bluetooth Bite Alarm 3+1 Set for Carp Fishing

It is easy to adjust the remote functions of the chew alarms like sensitivity, tone extent and evening mild as you keep within the bivvy using a remote control. It also features a complete mobile APP which is controlled by just a tap. Another feature is a lighthouse which illuminates the snug bars around the Chew alarm. The lighthouse can be split separately.

Additional features

  • Low energy design
  • Batteries- uses ER14250M or CR2 batteries.
  • Range test and Ultra Long Range- The K9 provides the different range of signals which means you can use it on any terrain.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a Bluetooth feature app
  • Can be utilized in all weathers
  • Long lasting battery
  • Contains lots of features


  • A fairly expensive option


  1. Michigan 4 Piece Wireless LED Fishing Bite Alarm Set And Receiver Carp Pike

This model is a top quality product which comes with a receiver, four chew alarms, 4 LED swingers and five batteries. This alarm allows you to concentrate on four chew to quickly which is a serious advantage when fishing. It has a nice case and comes with batteries. Indeed it has all the ingredients of a quality producrt and is dedfintely one to consider. It produces an alarm and signal when a fish is caught.


  • It has a sturdy carry case
  • It comes with other accessories
  • Provides an excellent performance



  • Wired hangers are a bit clumsy
  1. New Direction Tackle Carp Fishing Bluetooth Bite Alarm 2+1 Set For Smartphone

This alarm is almost the same as the New Direction Tackle Bluetooth Bite Alarm 3+1. It can be operated using a remote control. You can adjust the function of the Chew alarm in terms of tone, quantity, and sensitivity. It uses a complete cell APP and can easily be controlled by tapping. It is has a strong frame which protects the battery and other components from water. Unlike the previous model, the Chew alarm can transfer the HALO EFFECT at night. You can also use the mute mode as you adjust your finish line. You can easily arrange the amount and sensitivity using the Rotary Code Transfer input. The K9 provides all signals which mean you can use the device in all terrains.


  • Very versatile
  • Has a sturdy frame
  • It has multiple settings


  • Batteries not included
  1. Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm

Fox Micron Mx has amazing features which make it unique when compared to other products. The best thing about this product is that it is very affordable, just like other N series alarms. It contains a cone speaker for a crisp sound and is powered by 2 X AAA batteries. It also has front rotational knobs which enable you to adjust the tone and volume. In addition, there are PA thread caps and two outputs; one for transmitter out and the other one for power out.

Key Features

  • Blue 5mm LED
  • Uses 2 X AAA batteries
  • PA thread cap
  • Raw Plastic Finish
  • Two stage sensitivity
  • Cone speaker for quality sound.
  • Indexed pot tone and pot volume adjustment knob.
  • Contains a hard case
  • Rubber ear inlays



  • Compact
  • Quality product
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for wet days

If you are an angler, you will require an efficient and dependable warning alarm system. TF Gear Reaction Carp Bite Alarm is a quality product which is ideal for all anglers. It uses the latest technology, and the alarms are designed to take care of all bite detection needs. It contains a wireless signal which provides instant bite recognition. This device is very reliable, which is exactly what you need from your bite alarm.

Key Features

  • Contains volume and tone controls
  • Has a sensitive roller system
  • Has an advanced technology
  • Long lasting battery
  • High visibility LED display
  • Powerful wireless signal



  • Long lasting battery
  • Powerful signal
  • Very effective
  • Uses advanced technology


  • Batteries are not included


Hopefully all of this information will help you to finds the ideal Bite Alarm for your needs. As we have seen, there are many different models out there for  varying needs.

Therefore, the first point to consider is around the features that most interest you. Do you want a highly versatile Bite Alarm, one you can use at night or maybe one that will function perfectly even in a very wet and humid climate?

Of course, above all else you want a high quality product that will do the job want of it time after time. Heading out on a fishing trip should be one of life’s great pleasures, so you will want to travel to the water with a Bite Alarm you can trust to keep things simple.

To put it simply, the right alarm will make this sport easier and more enjoyable, while the wrong one could make it more complicated than it really should be.


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