Best Fishing Barrows 2017

If you are serious about going on a fantastic fishing trip then you will end up with quite a lot of gear to move around.

Between your rods, tackle boxes and everything else that you need, the trips between your car and the water can turn into a real hassle if you don’t have a sturdy and easily portable barrow.

On the other hand, with the right fishing barrow you can move all of your stuff easily and comfortably. This will save you from the risk of wasting a lot of time in this part of the trip, giving you far more time to get down to the fishing that brought you here in the first place.

In addition, this is also a safer approach, as you won’t strain your back or do yourself any of the other types of damage that you could do if you try and carry more fishing gear than you can safely handle. The front wheel takes the strain and they are designed to be easy and comfortable for anyone of any fitness level to move around.


1. TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Barrow With Free Under Barrow Bag

We start off with a great example of a good value fishing barrow that will do all of the basics for you with any fuss. Among the most important features we can see a puncture resistant wheel and a very useful under-barrow bag.

Great news for anyone who just wants to get going right away is that this a very easy barrow to assemble and to disassemble, meaning that you can get it in and out of the car boot simply. The whole thing is then lightweight enough for anyone to use but strong enough to handle all of the fishing gear that you put it in it.

The TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Barrow had an impressive load capacity of 150kg and it weighs just 10.5kg.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Great value price
  • Light yet strong enough to handle a lot of gear



  • A few reviewers have found it tricky to handle over rough terrain


2. TF Gear Trukka Carp Fishing Bivvy Barrow Collapsible Folding + 4 FREE Barrow Bags TFG


If you want a big fishing barrow that gives you years of faithful service then this TF Gear Trukka Carp Fishing Bivvy Barrow is a model you will definitely want to consider. It certainly isn’t the cheapest barrow on the market right now but it does have a lot of advantages in its favour.

Among these, we can see that it has adjustable sides that give you a tremendous amount of capacity, for carrying as much gear as you need. The sturdy and heavy-duty frame is another plus point, as it gives you the strength you need to feel confidence in any conditions.

The four barrow bags it comes with make it easy to get organised. The frame measures up at length; 31 inches (79cm), width; 28 inches (71cm), width when extended; 40 inches (102cm).


  • Comes with free bags
  • Strong and dependable
  • Adjustable sides for more flexibility


  • May seem a little bit too pricey for some fishing fans


3. Bison Fishing Two Wheel Barrow with Barrow Bag Fishing Trolley

With 2 pneumatic wheels and a foldable frame, this is a heavy duty fishing barrow that it suitable for different types of fishing trip. The legs can be adjusted from 35cm to 50cm and there is a spacious barrow bag that contains a couple of zipped pockets.

The width of the frame is 57cm and this Bison Fishing Two Wheel Barrow weighs 8.5kg. When you fold it down for storing away it measures just 14cm x 60cm x 80cm.

This is a good choice for someone who goes on regular fishing trips and is planning on buying an accessory that lasts them for the foreseeable future.


  • Folds down easily to a very compact size
  • A good size for most people’s needs
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • May not be strong enough to last as long as you would like

4. Cyprinus Large Carp Coarse Fishing Wheel Barrow Folding Foldaway Trolley


This adjustable fishing barrow comes complete with mud feet that cut out the risk of it sinking when conditions are soft and muddy underfoot. The adjustable front and side bars together with the removable non-flex adjustable handle make this a versatile barrow that you can sort out to suit your exact needs.

With an under barrow storage bag to keep stuff in you can carry out everything that you need effortlessly. Getting it into your vehicle will be no hassle at all, as it can be folded flat into a matter of seconds.

This Cyprinus Large Carp Coarse Fishing Wheel Barrow comes in at a size of 60cm (W) x 77cm (L), although it can easily be extended to 82cm (W) x 105cm (L). In terms of weight, at 13kg it is slightly heavier than many of rival barrows around.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Folds flat very easily
  • A good size


  • A light bit heavier than you might expect


5. FoxHunter Folding Fishing Trolley 2 Two Pneumatic Wheel Barrow Cart Buggy with Detachable Bag

Two super grip pneumatic wheels make this an incredible easy fishing barrow to move around even when the ground isn’t perfectly level and firm. You get foldable legs and frame with this model, and swivel feet too.

The fact that the barrow bag included is detachable is a bonus. The list of features also includes the likes of extendable stability rear legs and two side bars, while the whole thing can be folded down flat for easy transporting around to rivers, lakes or wherever you go on your fishing adventures.

The dimensions of the FoxHunter Folding Fishing Trolley come in at 1390 X 590 X 600MM, which is probably a big enough capacity for most of us. The weight is a decent 8.5kg.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable barrow bag included


  • Some people have complained about the quality of the finish.

6. Carp-Zone Carp Barrow with UnderBag Included. Extending Sides and Large Front Wheel.

You get a big capacity with this fishing barrow, so you don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to put everything that you need for your thrilling fishing trips in the future. The extendable side and end sections give you versatility and the front wheel is chunky enough to handle just about any sort of terrain.

As you would expect for any sort of product of this type, you can fold it down small enough to travel anywhere with it. A meshed panel keeps everything neatly in place and the big, swivel mudfeet give it a terrific sense of stability.

The Carp-Zone Carp Barrow with UnderBag Included measures in at 58″ (147cm) x 32″(81.5cm) when not extended. The side racks can be extended by 5″(13cm) each and the end rack by 9″ (23cm).


  • Versatile and practical
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to transport


  • Some users find it a little bit too heavy


7. ABODE® Fishing Trolley XL Carp Loader Barrow S + Bag

Another good, low cost fishing barrow, the ABODE® Fishing Trolley XL Carp Loader Barrow has a strong tubular frame build that makes it a pleasure to use. With a fold flat design and a removable pneumatic wheel, this is a great barrow for taking away anywhere with you.

The big base support frame can be adjusted from in size to suit your needs at any time. Italso comes with a free barrow tidy, which is a very welcome accessory. The 10kg weight is probably fine for most people and the handle bar height is of 65cm.

It even comes with its own carry bag to make transporting it near and far very easy at all times. The days of trying to carry far more stuff than you can handle will soon be at an end with this choice.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Good size and weight for a wide variety of users
  • Easy to transport in its own bag


  • The quality of the construction and material used reflects the low price

8. TF Gear Juggernaut Folding Carp Fishing Barrow Tackle Transportation Trolley

This easy to manoeuvre fishing barrow has 3 big wheels for increased stability and ease of use. Add in the compact size that fits even smaller cars and we can see that this is a great choice for many people.

The manufacturers say that the TF Gear Juggernaut Folding Carp Fishing Barrow can carry more weight than you could ever put in it. Certainly, this is one of the heaviest models around with a frame of 16kg and wheels weighing in at 12kg.

The base length is 94cm and the width is 77cm when unextended and 107cm when fully extended. The wheels and the handles can be taken off, while everything else just gets folded down into a neat package for transporting.


  • Big and robust
  • Easy to manoeuvre despite the size
  • Quality finish


  • Can be fairly time-consuming to get set up


9. Leeda Specimen Barrow for Carp Fishing R300

This product is a single wheel fishing barrow that offers good value for money. The wheels and handles are removable, meaning that you can quickly and effortlessly fold it down for storage and transportation.

You get a decent sized platform carrying area that measures in at 70cm x 58cm with the Leeda Specimen Barrow for Carp Fishing R300. It is also more stable to use than you might think from a single wheel barrow.

Even if you are the type of person who takes a lot of gear in a small car, you will find that this product is fine for your fishing expeditions.


  • Big area for carrying gear in
  • Nice and stable
  • Good price



  • Not everyone is impressed by the finish

10. Large Carp Fishing Barrow with Storage Bag

An attractive looking option, this is a fairly basic but acceptable fishing barrow. Among the features that look well worth having are the extendable legs and the support bars.

The barrow bag that comes with it has an extra zip pocket and the whole thing folds flat when you need it to take up little space. With one pneumatic tyre and a decent weight, this is an easy barrow to use.

You can take this accessory anywhere with you and make life easier.


  • Decent range of features
  • Barrow bag with zip pocket included
  • Good weight


  • Less features than some rival products

How It Works

It probably comes as no surprise to you that a fishing barrow works in a very similar way to any other type of barrow. Yet, there are also some important differences that you need to know about in order to make a smart decision.

For a start, many of the best models are fold away, so you can take them away with you to wherever you want to go fishing. There are plenty of other features that may interest you as well, while prices vary widely from one fishing barrow to the next.

Bearing all of that in mind, it is no wonder that a little helping hand can be needed in order to make a good choice. To help you, we have brought together and analysed ten of the top options on the market right now.

By taking a few minutes to go through these handy reviews you can feel a lot more confident about getting one that takes the strain off your back.

Features to Consider

Having look at some great barrows, it should now be easier to see what features you need. However, if you still aren’t sure then here is a list of some to take into account.

Easy to fold – If you are looking for a fishing barrow to take away in your car then it really needs to be one that you can fold down easily.

Barrow bag – The addition of a barrow bag might seem like a minor point but it can be very important. These are usually waterproof canvas bags and will ensure that you have extra space as well as avoiding the risk of pieces of gear falling out.

Adjustable – We all use fishing barrows in different ways, according to factors such as our height and how much gear we want to take away with us. Therefore, the more adjustable features in it the better for you.

Easy to use handles – One of the keys to being able to use a barrow easily is in the handles. If they are easy to use then it will be a lot easier to move it about without any stress or strains on your back.


As we have seen, fishing barrows are great pieces of equipment that will help you immensely if you make the right choice. Don’t rush into buying something that isn’t perfect for you.

Just take a look at the products we have reviewed and you should find one that does the job you need it to in your upcoming fishing trips.







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