Best Carp Rods under £100

There is no doubt that getting the right rod is vital if you are going to be happy and successful when going out on fishing trips.

This is the tool that will let you leave home feeling confident that you are completely prepared for the conditions and the type of fish that you are after. Yet, it is surprising to see how many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong sort of rod for their needs.

The first piece of good news in this respect is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting the exact carp rod that you need. There are plenty of wonderful rods for sale right now that cost less than £100.

So, which model will you choose? By looking at 10 of the best on the internet just now you will be a lot clearer on the matter.

How It Works

We all know the basics of how a fishing rod works. Even a complete newcomer to fishing knows that they need one and has a good idea of what it should look like.

However, if you are going to get the fishing adventures of your dreams and come home with amazing tales to tell then you can put the information in here to good use.

What length of carp rod do you need and what material should it be made of? These are a few of the questions you are likely to wonder about once you get started.

Check out these 10 models that we have chosen and you are almost certain to find exactly what you need.

Top 10 Best Carp Fishing Rods

1. TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Rods 12 Foot 2.5lb Test Curve – Ex Demo TFG Rod

This is a highly versatile rod that will give you lots of pleasure no matter where you go and what kind of fish you are after. It is made of high quality carbon, making it durable and extremely robust too.

It is a genuine pleasure to use the TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Rod. This is a 12 foot rod that weighs 2.5lbs and has terrific casting capabilities.

The good news continues with the fact that it comes with a very handy lifetime guarantee. Add in a reasonable price and it is clear that this is a smart choice of carp rod.


  • Great value
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Good size and casting capability


  • May not be as versatile as some people need


2. OAKWOOD Carp Combo 2.75tc Rod X 2 & Single Bait Runner Reel with Line X 2 Fishing

Another classy option for going fishing with, the OAKWOOD Carp Combo 2.75tc Rod X 2 & Single Bait Runner Reel With Line is a 12 foot rod that can be split into a couple of 6 foot sections for easy transporting. The soft touch EVA comfort foam grips make it a joy to hold and it is also impressive to look at.

A big line roller and shock absorbing rubber butt cap help to give you a tremendous performance every time. Overall, it is a great beginner’s carp rod that it is easy to pick up and use.

One point to bear in mind is that some reviewers have mentioned the line being of poor quality. Therefore, it makes sense to have a replacement line handy when you first use it.


  • Great looks
  • Can be split into 2 sections of transporting
  • Easy to get going with



  • The line isn’t of the best quality


3. Lineaeffe Carp/Pike Combo 2.75tc Rod and Bait Runner Reel with Line

This Lineaeffe Carp/Pike Combo 2.75tc Rod and Bait Runner Reel with Line is a 2.75tc rod that is ideally suited to carp and sea fishing. It is an impressive 12 foot in length but can be broken into 2 sections to carry it about more easily.

A comfortable handle and sleek looks mean that you will feel happy and proud every time that you head out with this carp rod. The line capacity is stated as; lb/yds: 15/210; 18/170; 20/130.

It is a comfortable rod to use but complete beginners to fishing might find that they are better with a more basic model. Having said that, it is lightweight and pretty easy to handle.


·       Feels great to use

·       Long and powerful

·       Lightweight and easy to handle


·       The line may need to be replaced fairly quickly


4. Daiwa Black Widow G50 Carp Fishing Rods 50mm Butt Guides Lightweight Powerful Blank

With this choice of fishing rod you get a slim and lightweight yet powerful model. The Daiwa Black Widow G50 has a full shrink grip handle and stainless steel frame guides.

It is suitable for any type of carp reel and has lightweight, good quality LS ceramic rings. It is a 6ft model with an aluminium butt cap and a slick matt black finish.

The design of this carp rod means that it is well suited to getting long and accurate casting distances.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Good casting distances
  • Attractive looks


  • Some people prefer a longer rod


The New Daiwa Phantom Carp Fishing Rod is a 12 foot model that gives you a strong backbone and progressive tip action. It has a 3lb test curve and is a 2 section rod that it is easy to move around wherever you head to for fishing action.

The construction has titanium oxide double leg guides and an attractive black matte finish. It even comes with its own rod bag so that you can head out to the water feeling professional and ready to go.

This carbon carp rod has had a number of excellent online reviews and is especially recommended for its lightness and good value for money.


  • Looks and feels fantastic
  • Lightweight but feels strong
  • Terrific value for money



  • A few users have complained about the quality
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6. Shimano Tribal Velocity 12’ Carp Fishing Rods 50mm Butt Eye 2.75, 3, & 3.25 Test Curve. Strong, Powerful Blanks

Nicely balanced and good for distance casting, the Shimano Tribal Velocity 12’ Carp Fishing Rods is a very sensible choice of carp rod if you want quality at a reasonable price.

This rod comes supplied with a 50mm guide for distance casting and feels powerful to use. The construction is good quality carbon that makes using it great fun as well as potentially rewarding.

This a powerful and responsive rod that is capable of taking your fishing trips on to the next level.


  • Great quality construction
  • Fun to use
  • Powerful and responsive


  • Some people may prefer a cheaper carp rod


7. Shimano Alivio DX 12ft Carp Fishing Rod

This is another solid option for anyone who wants a good new carp rod but doesn’t like the idea of spending an absolute fortune on it. The Shimano Alivio DX 12ft Carp Fishing Rod has a nice range of features that make it brilliant to use.

With a 40mm Shimano Hardlite butt guide together with a DPS-type reel seat, this is an easy to use rod that has powerful casting capability. It looks good and has enviable playing actions, so it is easy to see why it had proved to be so popular.

This range actually comes with 10 different models, so you can get the perfect rod for your needs and favoured style without any fuss.


·       Quality look and feel

·       Decent price for what is included

·       Good length and weight


·       One or two reviewers feel it isn’t strong enough

8. Complete Carp Kit with 2 x 12ft 2.5tc Rods, 2 Reels with line, 2 Bite Alarms, Pod, 2+2 Rod Holdall


This light and stable fishing rod is a good choice if you want a complete carp fishing set that is all ready for you to take and use as soon as it arrives. With a rod, pod, case, bite alarms and everything else that you need, you will be out next to the water in no time.

It is easy to set up this complete carp kit and adjust it to meet your demands. This makes it an ideal choice for a beginner who wants to get out and get started without wasting any time at all.

This might not seem such a tempting option for someone who is experienced in carp fishing and who now wants to move on to the next level. Yet, for many people this kit will make life a whole lot easier.


·       Everything you need in one kit

·       Easy to set up and adjust

·       Tremendous value for money


·       You may feel ready to move on to a different set before too long

9. OAKWOOD 12ft 2.5tc Rods x 2 & Double Handle Bait Runner Reel x 2 & Carp holdall, Fishing Set

With this comprehensive OAKWOOD fishing set you get a couple of 2.5tc rods and lots of other useful accessories. With a rod holdall and a spare spool nothing will hold you back from your future fishing adventures.

This is ideal for a beginner who has their first trip planned and doesn’t want to waste time getting everything that they need. However, it is also a smart choice for someone who just wants to make their life easier.

From the soft touch EVA comfort foam grips to the shock absorbing rubber butt cap, this feels like the kind of carp rod that is a good mixture of value and quality.


  • Nice set that is easy to get going with
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Smooth casting action


  • A few reviewers feel that the construction should be of higher quality

10. Carp Combo 12ft Carp Rod + Bait Runner Reel X 2

This carp fishing combo set gives you an easy start to your fishing. It includes 2 12ft carp rods, plus a bait runner reel and line for each of them.

The quality is pretty good, with a 2.75lb test curve and an attractive finish. The line capacity is given as lb/yds:15/210; 18/170; 20/130.

If you want an easy start in this great sport then you can get out and about in no time once this kit arrives to your home.

Features to Consider

As we have seen, there are some common carp rod features to look out for, as well as some that are only available on more expensive models. So, which features should you most look out for?

Easy to transport – You certainly don’t want to end up with a fishing rod that is difficult to transport. Does it spilt into 2 or more pieces? Does it comes with its own rod bag that you can move it around in to avoid damage?

Lightweight but strong – Most people look for a carp that is light to handle but strong enough to land big, heavy fishes.

Rod length and test curve – The standard sort of figures here are 12 foot in length and 2.75lb in terms of test curve. This is an ideal starting point and if you are new to fishing then these figures should be fine for you.

Comfortable grip – You will find that most of the good quality carp rods around these days have a grip that it is pleasure to hold onto. You certainly don’t want to end up with that is tough or uncomfortable to hold.


Getting the ideal carp rod is going to give you the confidence that you need to start this fantastic sport in style. You certainly shouldn’t understand the important of this purchase and rush through it without paying much attention.

Will you go for a basic, low cost rod or something that should last you for years to come? Do you prefer to get a complete fishing kit or buy each of these components separately?

By taking a few moments to think about what you want you will stand a far better chance of getting the perfect rod that you love using each and every time that you take it in your hands.

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